Year 5 Fen Street Homework – due 22nd March

Year 5 Individual Homework

Due in Thursday 22nd March



Please practise your spellings on spelling frame. Go to Spelling Rule 47. You must practise and complete a test.



There are five questions to complete based on the knowledge you have gained on timetables, in your maths lessons. Once you have completed these (and you are feeling confident), have a go at the challenge.



You need to be reading for at least 15 minutes every day at home. This needs to be a combination of independent reading and reading to an adult, Remember to record in your reading record, even if it is not a school reading book – it can be any form of reading, newspaper, diary, story, information text etc. USe the reading bookmark you have at home to read with.


Remember your fluency level to read at home.



STATION Train A Train B Train C Train D Train E Train F
Milton Keynes Central 15:41 15:47 16:05 16:22 16:41
Bletchley 15:46 15:52 16:27 16:46 16:52
Leighton Buzzard 15:53 15:59 16:34 16:53 16:59
Hemel Hempstead 16:19 16:51 17:19
Watford Junction 16:27 16:25 16:59 17:27
London Euston 16:27 16:48 16:46 17:19 17:23 17:45

1) Which two stations does Train E not stop at?


2) How long does Train B take to travel from Milton Keynes Central to Hemel Hempstead?


3a) Miss Bold is heading to London Euston. She gets to Milton Keynes Central station at 03:30 pm and takes the next train. What time will she arrive?


3b) Miss Bold needs to get to the Apollo Theatre for a 17:00 showing of Wicked. There is a 30 minute walk from the station to the theatre. Will she make it in time for the show?


4) Mrs Forbes is planning to travel to Watford Junction. She decides to take Train C instead of Train B because she thinks it will arrive sooner. Is she correct? Explain your answer.


Challenge (complete if you are feeling confident):

Three trains (the Express, the Goods and the All Stations) travel from Milton Keynes Central to Birmingham New Street.


  • The All Stations train takes 55 minutes to reach Birmingham New Street at 12:00.
  • The Express train leaves Milton Keynes Central 10 minutes after the All Stations train, but arrives 10 minutes before it.
  • The Goods train leaves 20 minutes before the All Stations and arrives 20 minutes after the Express train.


With this information, fill out the timetable below. Work out the time each train leaves Milton Keynes Central and arrives at Birmingham New Street.


Station The All Stations The Express The Goods
Milton Keynes Central
Birmingham New Street 12:00












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