Katie Higginbottom’s Blog – 11th December 2015

On Wednesday I attended the head teachers conference at Kents hill. The focus was behaviour! It really challenged me to reflect about how well all the children at brooklands farm ‘behave’. We discussed how ‘children behaving well’ was just the tip of the iceberg and that learning behaviours were just as important. So this week I’ll be coming into classrooms to see our amazing learners in action!

We have had a very busy week.  We have done lots of learning with our learning partnerships!
The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) team were in working along side us to celebrate the research that we are currently doing in school.
Our school improvement partner is in today having a look at all the wonderful learning that is happening.

Seven Super Weeks!


We have a had a fabulous half term…the very first at Countess Way Campus! I am truly grateful to all children, parents and staff who have been instrumental in weaving the learning journey at our new site.

Joining a new school and community can be a scary one but together we have welcomed all who have joined us and together we can welcome who are yet to come.

The children have amazed me with their learning and have inspired every day me with their questions and enthusiasm.

Have a fabulous half term and stay safe!

Keep practising this song – Countess Way could be a choir!

Mrs Higginbottom

Miss Low’s Blog

Maxine and Esme

Introducing the beautiful Esme Hern who is Mrs Hern’s new baby.  Mrs Hern came in for a visit with two week old Esme and immediately handed her over so that she could support us to make our return of the year 6 results to the Department of Education!

We love the teachers at Brooklands Farm, there is no barrier to ensuring out team is dedicated to the children in our learning community.

All our new teachers have settled quickly to the ways of Brooklands Farm Primary School and my visits to the classrooms show me that our growing community is thriving in week two.

Our song this week has been ‘What Have You Done Today to Make You Feel Proud?’.  I am proud of the way the school has settled into the new term. Personally, I am proud that I have learnt how to do a Google Hangout, although people are telling me I tend to shout out (well they are five fields away, surely you have to shout!).

Mrs Morrison’s Blog

Well done to all the Foundation children and parents who have made it to the end of their first week!

Observations around school this week have been based around inclusion ensuring personalised learning for every child has begun.  We have set the end of year targets in most year groups and will be reporting these to you at the November parents evenings.

During my daily visits to classrooms I have noticed that children are really enjoying being back in the routine of learning. We start our new projects next week and the children are looking forward to their Ignite trips and activities.

Mrs Higginbottom’s Blog

Foot steps pattering the corridors, discussions in the classrooms, laughter from the playground and a family beginning to emerge…Countess Way Campus, Brooklands Farm is open!

This week has been fantastic! The children have settled very well into their new building and new classes. Our focus this week has been opening our hearts through building reciprocal relationships. We’ve been practising good eye contact, ‘gotcha’ smiles and greeting people with ‘good morning’.

Our first team performance happened in assembly this morning when we filmed ourselves singing a Brooklands song ready to share with the other site.

We are looking forward to exploring more about Open, Grow and Believe next week….so watch out for us growing our relationships.


Miss Low’s Blog



I am the luckiest headteacher in the country!

This week Brooklands Farm Primary School became one community, one school (two sites) with one plan for success. I’ve walked between the two sites four times this week to ensure that we grow from the seed planted at Fen Street Campus five years ago. Coincidentally, we opened Countess Way on exactly the same day five years ago that we opened Fen Street this week. A great start for continuity I would say. I’ve been trying to be the fittest headteacher in the country this week but people keep offering me a lift!

Miss Low’s Blog – 22nd May 2015

Sorry I haven’t been blogging for the last few weeks but I’ve been busy supporting children in school to achieve their best during their SATS. Our growth plans are being realised this week as children are being allocated their place at either Fen Street or Countess Way campus. Equally parents of Foundation to Year 4 have been considering whether they would like to make a campus transfer request.

Thank you to everyone who has come to talk to us this week. We will now let the Local Authority carry out their processes and by the end of the first week back we should know who is attending which campus.

This week we have also purchased furniture for both Fen Street and Countess Way. Both sites will be furnished in a very similar way to provide a consistent message about how we teach and learn at Brooklands Farm Primary School.

We have also met with companies who are bidding for the IT contract. Our aim is to provide one network across the two campuses.

I am now going to sit for a week and reflect upon how we will communicate across the two campus’s to ensure ONE COMMUNITY, ONE SCHOOL, ONE LOCALISED PLAN FOR COMMUNICATION. Hopefully if the sun shines I will come back with great ideas!

Next half term I will be reviewing the new curriculum and the resources we will need to deliver the best framework for your children to thrive. Have a good half term.