There’s a Monster in Fen Street Nursery

This week we are reading There’s a Monster in My Book!

We read the book book outside and discovered the monster in the book had ESCAPED in our classroom! We went on a Monster hunt and the children wrote how many they found and then counted them.

The monster told us that he wanted to stay in our classroom and play. The children had one monster each who they named, loved, played with and talked to all morning! Here are some photos of all the fun we had this morning.

This little monster was read a story!

One little girl made her monster, called Daisy, a house. She then taught a Daisy how to play drums. She then put her monster in a Barbie car and made sure she had her seatbelt on!

Lots of children kept their monster in a pocket to keep them safe.


Playing music for his monster!

Making marks and counting how many monsters we found

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